Anita's own conscious journey began when she sought healing after her divorce. With a B.A. in Social Work from the University of Washington, she had always been interested in pursuing counseling as a career but recognized that she had a lot of unresolved issues and in no way could be there for anyone else until she was there for herself.

Carl Jung's work came closest to what she envisioned in working with her own psyche and with others, but only with so-called alternative therapies did she see any results in herself.

In the early 80's through psychomassage (bodywork to facilitate release of deeply repressed emotions), dance therapy, Gestalt, and hypnotherapy she realized the power of the newly emerging body/mind disciplines, and created a television show so that a larger audience might learn of the benefits.

It was while doing the show in the early '80s that she met Sondra Ray, one of the founders of rebirthing and The Loving Relationships Training (LRT), and experienced the truly transforming effect of breath and spirit. The LRT, which included the teaching of how the mind works to create our reality, has formed the foundation of her work.

Other disciplines and techniques are woven in according to the needs of the client. Most recently the work of Morty and Shelly Lefkoe (in the Decision Maker process) and Dr. Kam Yuen (Chinese energetic healing) have added powerful refinements to the work.

She also loves animals, as the bird on her shoulder might tell you. Inspired by the family who lived next door where she was growing up - a veterinarian who resumed his practice even after being paralyzed from the neck down by polio she learned how to care for and treat animals and is now also available for pet-sitting. 

Feeling a strong pull to California in 1992, Anita relocated from Seattle, Washington and now divides her time between San Diego and Los Angeles. She has been focusing on rebirthing and energy work for the nearly thirty years.