Would you like to see your truth from the inside out,
in a way that deepens your experience of WHO you are?

Let breath, light, and Anita's empathic abilities guide you in the process of clearing old patterns that are in the way of attaining your deepest dreams and desires.

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Whether it is a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual issue you are dealing with, a breathing session shifts you to an altered state where you can experience your essential wholeness.

Anita uses a combination of healing methods that incorporate the conscious use of breath and light to assist people in transforming negative patterns in their lives on all levels:

- Rebirthing (which includes clearing any past experience that has created a negative pattern)
- Past Life Regression
- Reiki
- Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
- Tibetan Buddhist empowerment
- Chi Kung
- Hawaiian Huna
- Meditation

Inspired combination of these techniques has been found to be very effective in addressing and transmuting:

- Anxiety attacks
- Bi-polar and multiple personality traits
- Addictions
- Other mental, emotional, and even physical difficulties

Her essential goal is to lead you toward your own center and strengthen your connection with the Creator.