The Process

There are two requirements:
an intention to heal and a willingness to receive grace.

Rebirthing is a process of discovering the decisions we made at pivotal times in our lives, changing the thoughts that resulted, and therefore changing our energy patterns in the present.

"The present is the past . . . until we clear it. When the past is transformed in the unconscious mind, and suppressed or repressed emotions are released, the present begins to be created based on love (the transmuted past experience) and life becomes truly new."

It is the gradual retrieval of all parts of our spirit to us now, the parts that left when we were traumatized or when it was otherwise too uncomfortable to be here. It is the merge of emotion and spirit, of body and mind.

Every breathing session is different, from one time to the next, from one person to the next. By joining in your reality and exploring your own inner stories, we both engage in the process of healing, and will both witness and benefit from the power of breath and light.

The work is an ongoing process, and each session is different. It begins with a minimum of three sessions, which lay the groundwork for deeper healing. As the work progresses, layer after layer is transformed, and the work is integrated into one's everyday experience.