The Results

Rebirthing is a powerful process of growth
and clearing that can accelerate everything in your life.

You will have a new clarity and playfulness. Your thoughts will manifest quickly--so be careful what you think.

The patterns in your relationships will be more evident more quickly, and this awareness, coupled with a loving way of expressing it, will serve both yourself and others around you.

Because the breath moves old stuck energy through, you will have access to more energy, the energy you've been using to keep all those suppressed emotions in place.

One of the paradoxes of the process is that, while the breathing puts you into an altered state, it also has the effect of bringing you into greater comfort in your body. Many people have reported less physical illness, as well, since rebirthing regularly.

Is it for everyone? I think so. But you decide if it's for you. I think it's for everyone because we all breathe anyway--whether we relate more to the third dimensional "physical" world or the fourth, fifth, or higher dimensional "non-physical" world, the act of breathing MERGES them all.

Breathing is both the model and the means for the healing of duality, that duality which so characterizes existence on planet earth.




“The healing assistance you possess is such a gift of love and empathy. Your unique expression keeps on giving. This implodes the outmoded and resurrects the divine. I’m blessed daily by this clearing. I’m newly empowered to assist myself and others. How cool! Thank you!” ~ Chloe Ann, healer and massage therapist, Oceanside, CA

“Anita helped me through the worst time of my life. I had lost all my money through a poor choice of business partners. I hated myself and felt suicidal. Anita supported me through the recovery process. Her rebirthing is amazing work. No psychiatrist could have helped me the way Anita did.” ~ Judy, healer and massage therapist, San Diego, CA

"There are simply no words to thank you for the many ways you have helped me. From guiding me through tough emotions and healing shadows of my past, to showing me clarity and helping me to trust my own intuition, your compassion and insight has been invaluable in my healing process. Thank you Anita!" ~ Elaine, Holistic Practitioner/Writer/Photographer, Carmel, CA

"Anita Coolidge is one of my favorite transformational workers. I have been fortunate enough to experience her depth of knowledge at work in several sessions that I have had with her. Her openness and dedication to all members of the etheric and angelic realm has always fascinated me. Ganesha, Archangel Michael, Kwan Yin, Jesus, Mary, The art of Yuen Energetics, breath work, Rebirthing exercises, and even the Eye of Horus are some of the many connections accessed during most of my sessions to help facilitate positive healing and transformation. She brings her heart into every session working lovingly to attend to the needs of her client.

I recall a session where a rebirthing was taking place, and my inner male and female were called into the light to grow and be healed. The session was so “enlightening” and true to task that my inner male showed up in the physical (3) three days after the session essentially asking for me to help him heal and vice versa. I called Anita to inform her of this unexpected turnaround.  Needless to say, growth is an ongoing process, and this process is taking the time it needs. Nevertheless, it was powerful, informative, and I was quite happy to see the manifestation of the rebirthing session show up in the physical. This, of course, is just one of many examples.

Anita puts the ‘Cool’ in Coolidge….always ready to be a conduit for blessings and miracles; a catalyst for change.  A HEART so big! A calm, a poise, and a peace, and the purity of truth that is so rare and so beautiful, you are awakened by the sheer presence of her and don’t realize that the work has already begun.

As Anita would say:

Blessings and Miracles,

Dar, Entertainer, New York City